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* Before all techniques, do not wash your hair for at least one or two days, avoid greasy products on the hair.


What to do after a perm / straightening


  • Do not wash your hair for at least 24 hours

  • When washing your hair, don't forget to do a treatment/hair mask.

  • Do not tie your hair too tightly (no hairband / hairpin/ hairgrip, etc.)

  • Comb on wet hair (not on dry hair)

  • If the curl begins to fall, come and have a salon treatment. (always nourish your hair to avoid the slack of the curl because if the hair is dry, the curl will not hold)


What to do after coloring / bleach


  • Wash your hair with warm / cold water to prevent the color from draining out

  • Avoid too frequent shampooing.

  • favor shampoo for colored hair (which helps maintaining color) as well as the care

  • the heating devices on the hair promote the loss of color so avoid it without protection

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